Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cool websites, part two

Let's face it. As a web designer, you've often experimented with little site features that are, to say in the least, frivolous. Who hasn't tinkered with adding a mouse trail or flaming text? While I can only encourage you to stay away from elements like those, Dynamic Drive has a nice collection of many ridiculous, but some helpful, web design scripts. Beware - most of the scripts on their page are unnecessary. Take some time to browse through though, and you'll find some more tasteful ones that you might be able to incorporate into your site. I've used their Gradual Highlight Script on several occasions.

Dynamic Drive also features a CSS Library for some nifty CSS tricks.

Are you a web designer with not enough time on your hands to make your own graphics? If so, it's time you visit pixellogo and iStockphoto. For under $40, both sites offer almost a limitless supply of logos and images for use on your site. The images on iStockphoto are particularly cheap - ranging from as little as $15 all the way down to just $1.

I've added the links to the Related Links section of the site, and as always, if you have any other websites you'd like to share just post a comment below.