Monday, April 30, 2007

To Jump on a Bandwagon

Let’s cut to the chase. The big players (MSN, Myspace, Windows, ABCnews, etc.) are all using blue-themed websites. Skies are blue. Water is blue. Blue Gatorade is blue, and so is archrival and nemesis blue Powerade. Slime Volleyball’s background is blue. Even my favorite color is blue. (Note: bluegrass is not blue, despite the misleading name)

I want to be with the in-crowd. And so I began the quest for a redundant blue webpage.

I started off with an all-encompassing wrapper, in order to wrap everything up. I also made a container to contain the content and navigation, and a content box so that my visitors would be content. My biggest challenge was choosing different shades of blue. After mere seconds of deliberation I felt ‘deep ocean blue’ was the best color for the background. I applied an original and underrated technique – the gradient. Powerful and underused. (I kid I kid).

Despite being a joke website, it actually turned out very nicely. I even went as far as to give it a slogan from Sloganizer. I know, I went out on limb for that one, but I think in the end it was totally worth it, man.

blue website screenshot