Thursday, April 26, 2007

This hurts my eyes

The internet has often been compared to an ‘information superhighway’. I thought of a different analogy. The internet is like my dirty room. My room contains half-empty bottles, dirty cereal bowls, books strewn about, clothes in awkward places, and wads of paper in places where I am forced to question how they got there. Not unlike the internet, I’d say. In the realms of web design, what does all this talk mean? Some sites are just very low quality. They’re dirty, unclean, unkempt. I bet they’re fun to make though.

I started off with my regular web design time-saving template. Then I picked matching colors, designed a basic layout, thought of a theme for the website, and wrote a little bit of content.

Next, I threw all of that in the trash. I began to put together a site that resembled a clown school gone awry. I made sure to use colors that didn’t match, the mark of any good website. Together, the colors formed ‘Wacky Fun World!’, a name I felt was appropriate to the overall feel of the site. Oh and by the way, here was what I laboriously churned out after careful consideration to positioning, structure, color, and quality content.

Not bad, huh?