Saturday, April 14, 2007

Your new best friend - Feedburner

You may, or may not, have noticed the little orange icon on the left sidebar. If you were one of those people who said, "No, I have not noticed the little orange icon. What am I missing out on here?", the answer to your question is: You're missing out on a lot.

Feedburner is my new RSS-feed management system. It's a great site that allows dynamic control over RSS feeds. Now you can subscribe to this blog quickly, easily, and uh... efficiently. Just click the little orange button.

For all you web designers and developers out there, Feedburner is a nifty tool. Nifty as in way cool. It allows pinging of your blog to all the popular blog tracking sites, so that you can increase your blog traffic. And once you reach a certain level of site activity, you can place ads on your site to monetize and make some money in the bank. The other sections include other words that end in -ize and rhyme with monetize, such as analyze and optimize. Clever, eh?