Friday, April 13, 2007

Introducing... SiteGen

Get ready for the revolution.

Well, maybe not a revolution. More like just a way cool site.

SiteGen is the project I'm currently working on. SiteGen, short for SiteGenerator. It's exactly as it sounds. I'm creating a comprehensive PHP script page that will be able to output pre-made designed websites.

And by pre-made, I really mean user-made.

On the Create page will be a complex list of input fields, for each major element of a website. It'll have options for choosing background color, text colors, link colors, header text, body text, footer text, multiple columns, multiple rows, and so on. With the click of the "Generate!" button, my PHP script will give you all the necessary code needed for the site.

It's still in the beginning stages, as you can see by the rather plain website so far, but don't worry, I plan on making this big, and bad.

Bad as in good.