Saturday, April 7, 2007

Out of ideas?

The web design industry (it is an industry, right?) is a demanding one. As web designers, we are always pressed to come up with new designs. And while you may be good at making layouts, there's always someone better.

Fortunately, some folks have made a list of these better sites.

Two sites, CSS Remix and Web Creme, have a wonderful archive showcasing many CSS-based sites that are really a beauty to look at. While some are more outlandish than others, it's easy to check a few of them out and get some ideas for your own website. CSS Remix even allows the listed websites to be sorted by many useful factors, such as Redesign or Valid Code. Web Creme is similar, and ironically, has a much more eye-pleasing layout than CSS Remix.

On the right side are links to both. As I find more sites like these, I'll keep that section updated.

Know some other good design-inspiring sites? Post a comment and I'll check it out.