Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sad but true

My web design class is a bit of a joke. No one knows anything about web design save for me and a friend of mine. In fact, the person that knows the least about web design is the teacher.

But at least the class gives me practice. Our latest ‘project’ is that of the “Preservation Society of Rural Texas”, a fictional organization made up (probably stolen, actually) by our teacher. He plays the part of the client, wanting a website for his organization. Our job is to come up something with that meets the demands of his ‘society’. It is probably the closest assignment to real freelancing or company-based web design we’ve done, of which I am grateful.

I started off with my empty code template, and began the wireframing process. In class we had to produce storyboards for each page, which was a huge waste of time because each page was basically going to look the same as the others. Each page would have the initials ‘PSRT’ up top, along with the slogan. Then there’d be the content box, and on the left side would be a sidebar for navigation and then finally a footer below. The home page would be slightly different, with a quick header designed in Fireworks at the top of the page. Minutes later and I had a design I felt very comfortable with, a design that would work well most importantly.

Next I added in the actual header, and some filler text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Oh, oops, that was supposed to go into the content box. Anyways, after the text I began adding colors, much to the dismay of any of my color-blind blog readers. Sorry, guys. To everyone else:

The website is already ‘good’ enough for my classmates to gawk at it, so I guess it isn’t too bad. But I’m not too excited about my website being different shades of human waste.