Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday: Weekly Site Spotlight

It's time for the... Weekly Site Spotlight!

Every Tuesday, I'll be featuring a new site in my showcase. These will be sites with exceptional CSS coding, HTML formatting, and design. This is a big deal.

This week's spotlight goes to: YouRant.ca

Design: 8/10
Clean: 9/10
Layout: 7/10
Creativity: 10/10
Total: 34/40

The creativity is what really sets it apart from other sites. While the page design is in the typical 'T' format, the colors blend nicely yet stand out well. The layout is also quite clean, with clear-cut sections of the page. The navigation could be a little bit better, but now I'm just nitpicking. Overall, the site is just a cool idea.

Think you can do better? If you know your site is good enough to take the glory, send an e-mail to futuramas@gmail.com with a link to your site. Who knows, maybe you'll win?